December 2011 // Issue 3


Making History, One Tweet At A Time – The Library Of Congress Has Forged An Agreement With Twitter To Access Every Public Tweet In An Effort To Document Our Life And Times Via Today’s Emerging Mass Medium

Via The Next Web



Pro-Social Gets Playful – WeTopia, A Free-To-Play Facebook Game, Allows Players To Purchase In-Game Virtual Goods That Result In A Direct Donation To A Real World Cause. Buying An In-Game Fountain, For Instance, Leads To A Donation For Clean Water

Via Venture Beat



LivingSocial Drives People To Delightful New Experiences – A Promotion In London Gives Passengers Who Hailed The LivingSocial Cab The Choice To Be Taken To Their Intended Destination Or To “Roll The Die” And Win A LivingSocial Experience. Those Who Agreed Found Themselves Suddenly Taking A Pole-Dancing Class Or Getting A Pedicure, Among Other Activities


Via Digital Buzz Blog



Top 20 Startups of 2011 – From The Smallest Panoramic Camera In The World To A New Mobile Bank With Access To 40,000 Fee-Free ATMs, These Startups Have Introduced An Exciting Array Of New Ideas To The Marketplace


Via Business Insider



Follow Me: @freakonomics The Authors Of Freakonomics Offer An Unconventional Take On The Economics Of Human Behavior Today

Watch This: Montblanc Celebrates The Invention Of The Chronograph By Challenging People To Capture The Beauty Of One Second 

Read This: Both Visionary And Practical, Nick Bilton Captures The Zeitgeist Of An Emerging Age, Providing The Understanding Of How A Radically Changed Media World Is Influencing Human Behavior

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