The Politics Of TV Tastes – According To An Annual Survey, Sarcastic Comedies And Morally Murky Antiheroes Draw Democrats, While Serious Work-Centered Shows And Reality Competitions Draw Conservatives

Via Entertainment Weekly


Protect Your Credit Score By Choosing Your Facebook Friends Wisely – As Credit Scores Become A Flagging Indicator, Financial Institutions Have Started Exploring Ways To Use Data From Facebook, Twitter And Other Networks To Round Out An Individual Borrower’s Risk Profile

Via BetaBeat


Brands Seek Out That One Special Consumer – Brands Are Bringing Case Studies To Life By Celebrating The Experience Of One Special Consumer And Making Them The Centerpiece Of Their Marketing

 Via AdAge


Want To Try Something New in 2012? Learn How To Code –  Due To Our Growing Dependence On Technology, CodeAcademy — A New York Startup — Believes That Learning To Code Is As Important As Knowing How To Read And Write. To Help Keep Us Competitive In A Technology-Driven World, CodeAcademy Launched Code Year — An Initiative That Aims To Teach Everyone The Basics Of Coding For Free

Via Slate.com


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Bigthink.com Is A Knowledge Forum For Idea Sharing That The New York Times Says, “Could Do For Intellectuals What YouTube Did For Bulldogs On Skateboards”

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Building On What Prolific Thought Leader, Joseph Jaffe, Started In Life After The 30-Second Spot and Join The Conversation, Flip The Funnel  Brings You A Radically New, Radically Common Sense Look At Customer Experience As The Key To Business Success

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Do you Sing In The Shower? Read The Dictionary? If Not, You Could Be Missing Out On Some Prime Opportunities To Hatch Your Most Brilliant, Earth-Shattering Ideas. Watch This Video To Learn 29 Ways To Stay Creative

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