We Will All Be Working In The Cloud Soon – An Increasing Number Of Workers Are Taking Control Of Their Future By Building Careers As Independent Online Professionals. Fueled By Technology, Work Is No Longer Confined To The 9-5 And The Office. The Abililty To Gain Instant Access To Qualified Talent Regardless Of Location Is Starting To Change The Way Businesses And People Work

Via Yahoo! Finance


Thou Shalt Covet What Thy Neighbor Covets – When It Comes To The Things We Buy, What Other People Think Matters. A Lot. Here’s How The Desires Of Strangers — Inflamed By Branders And Marketers — Mysteriously Become Our Desires, Too

Via Fast Company


Target Provides A Sense Of Discovery Through Mini Pop-Up Shops – Target Heads Off In A New Direction As They Move Away From Designer Collaborations. They Will Offer Guests A Chance To Experience One-Of-A-Kind Specialty Stores And Boutiques, That Range From Vintage Furniture To Baked Goods For Pets, In Store. This Ensures Guests Continually Find The New And Unexpected. The Shops Will Be Open For Six Weeks, After Which They Will Be Refreshed With Others

Via Masslive.com


Top 10 Global Brands – Interbrand’s Annual List Of Top 10 Global Brands And What You Can Learn From Them

Via The Huffington Post


Read This: Gary Vaynerchuck, Entrepreneur And Author Of Crush It, States In The Thank You Economy That We Have Entered Into An Entirely New Business Era, Where Companies That See The Biggest Returns Won’t Be The Ones Throwing the Most Money At An Advertising Campaign, But Will Be Those That Can Prove They Care About Their Customers More Than Anyone Else

Try This: Lee Allison, The Enterprising Host of Google+ Cooking School, Uses Video-Chat To Give Lessons Three Days A Week And Posts Shopping Lists In Advance. Participants Are Encouraged To Ask Questions And Cook Along With The Host

Listen To This: HabuMusic That Matches Your Mood. The App Categorizes Music Into 100 Individual Moods. That Way, Your Gloomy, Energized, Yearning And Upbeat Personas Are Never Without A Constant Stream Of Music

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