Happiness Is The New Success -Millennials Are Reprioritizing What The Ladder To Success Is. It’s A Shift Away From Business As Usual (College, Good Job, Marriage, House, Family, Cushy Retirement) To A Focus On Well-Being, Community And Sustainability

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Showrooming Causes Concerns For RetailersA Practice Among Consumers Called ‘Showrooming’ – When Shoppers Come Into A Store To See A Product In Person, Only To Buy It Cheaper From A Rival Online – Frustrates Retailers As Customers Take Advantage Of Store Benefits (Curated Product Selections, Staff Recommendations And Warm Atmosphere) Without Spending Their Money In Store

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Super Bowl Gets A Social Media Command Center – Super Bowl XLVI Host City Indianapolis Has Built A Social Media Command Center To Deal With The Madness That Comes With Managing America’s Biggest Sporting Event. A Dedicated Team Will MonitorĀ  Fan Conversation On Social Platforms And Provide Assistance Ranging From Tweeting Parking Directions, To Directing Visitors To Indianapolis’ Best Attractions And Providing Information In Case Of A Disaster

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Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch – Get On A Southwest Flight To Anywhere, Buy Shoes From Zappos.com, Pants From Nordstrom, Groceries From Whole Foods, Anything From Costco, A Starbucks Espresso, Or A Double-Double From In N’ Out, And You’ll Get A Taste Of These Brands’ Vibrant Cultures. The Strength Of A Brand’s Culture Is Arguably More Important To The Brand’s Bottom Line Than The Products It Sells



Follow Me: @mcgarrybowen – Recently Honored By Ad Age As The 2011 Agency Of The Year, McGarryBowen Sits At The Top Of The Agency A-List. Follow Their Timeline And See What’s Catching The Eye Of This Industry Leader – You’ll Probably Want To Pay Attention

Watch This: Cliff Notes For Cliff Notes – Now There’s A Seven-Minute Cartoon Version Of The Infamous Summaries. CliffNotes Films Has Released Videos Of Six Often-Taught Shakespeare Plays, From “Macbeth” to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Co-Produced By Mark Burnett. Romeo Is “A Total Emo” And Julius Caesar Dismisses Warnings About The Ides Of March With A “Whatevs.”

Try This: Thuuz Is An App For Sports Fanatics. Aimed At The Active Sports Fan Intent On Never Missing A Nail-Biter, Thuuz Keeps Tabs On The Game So You Don’t Have To, Providing Tune-In Prompts Both On Google TV Equipped Sets And Via Mobile Devices When The Action Reaches A Boiling Point

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