We’re All Getting Younger – As People Live, Stay Healthier And Remain Active Longer, Many Studies In The Last Decade Have Found The Marker To Old Age Has Moved Back, Giving Rise To A New Lifestage Identified As “Middlescence” – A Grownup’s Adolescense

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Facebook Resisters – As Facebook Prepares For A Much-Anticipated Public Offering, The Company Is Eager To Show Off Its Momentum Through Membership. While It Seems Like The Whole World Is Logging On, There’s A Growing Number Of People Actively Choosing To Keep The Social Network Out Of Their Lives

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Publisher Cultivates Online Community To Find New Talent –  Penguin Group Has Signed Debut Novelist, Kerry Schafer, To A Two-Book Deal Just Weeks After Ms. Schafer Posted Writing Samples On Bookcountry.com. Penguin Created The Website As A Community Where Aspiring Authors Could Post Their Writing And Receive Critiques From Other Users – With The Hope That Some Writers Would Be Good Enough To Publish Under The Penguin Name

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Esquire’s Magazine Trailer – There Are Trailers Made For Movies. And Television Shows. And Now, For A Print Magazine Article. The Trailer, Conceived By Esquire Magazine, As A Way To Promote An Article That “Reads Like A Movie” Is Being Used To Compel Users To Pay For A Print Copy Of The Magazine

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Follow Me: @carr2n  David Carr Is A Columnist For The New York Times And Contributes Regularly To The NYT’s Media Decoder Blog. For The Past 25 Years, Carr Has Been Writing About Media And Providing Insightful Analysis On Its Effect On Business And Culture

Coming Soon: Come Spring 2012, MIT Will Launch A Prototype Version Of MITx – A Completely Free And Interactive Online Learning Initiative That Will Offer Courses Online And Make Digital Learning Tools Available To Anyone, Regardless Of Academic Performance Or Background. Those Who Successfully Complete The Courses Will Receive An Official Certificate From MIT

Try This: Central Park (Listen To The Light) Is An iPhone App Designed To Change The Way You Experience Music. The App Plays A Multi-Layered Soundtrack To Central Park And Uses GPS Technology To Transition Between Musical Themes, Depending On Your Location In The Park

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