The Power Of The Introvert – In A World Full Of Extroverts, Being An Introvert Can Seem Like A Disadvantage. New Research Suggests Introverts May Be A Whole Lot Happier And More Successful Than Everyone Else. A Taste For Solitude Can Bring With It An Ability To Focus For Long Periods Of Time And Often The Best Way To Come Up With A Fresh Idea Or Master A Skill. Need More Proof? President Obama Is Considered A Happy Introvert As Well As Some Silicon Valley Billionaires

Via Time Magazine


The Rise In Peer-To-Peer Lending: Fed Up With Banks, People Turn To Others For Loans –  Some Small-Business Owners And People Looking To Pay Off Debt, Rejected By Banks Or Fed Up With Bad Lending Terms, Are Turning To Internet Sites That Match Borrowers With Giant Pools Of Lenders When They Need Funds. The Sites Work Like eBay-Style Marketplaces, Matching Pre-Qualified Borrowers To Lenders. In The Past Year, The Nation’s Two Biggest Peer-To-Peer Lending Sites Have Reported A Sharp Upturn In Personal Loans As Lenders Find This A Good Way To Make A Return On Their Money

Via Good Magazine



Myspace’s Comeback – Myspace, Which Has Been In The Process Of Reinventing Itself As The Music And Entertainment Hub, Finally Has Something To Brag About. Since December, When It Introduced A New Music Player, The Site Has Signed Up One Million New Users. The Growth Is Attributed To Its Integration With Facebook And Twitter As Well As The Size Of Its Music Library. Its Library Boasts 42 Million Tracks, Several Times More Than Spotify Or Rhapsody Due To Its Full Licensing Deals With Thousands Of Record Labels As Well As Songs From Untold Numbers Of Unsigned Acts

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6 Questions That Lead To Innovations – Innovation Usually Involves A Fresh Perspective On Something That Already Exists — Taking An Idea And Then Considering How Its Use Can Create A Positive Impact In A New And Better Way. Here Are 6 Questions That Famous Innovators Have Consistently Asked And Answered To Generate Ideas That Can Lead To New Innovations

Via Fast Company



Follow Me: @rushkoff – Douglas Rushkoff Is A World-Renowned  Media Theorist And Author Of 10 Best-Selling Books On New Media And Pop Culture. He Is The Originator Of Ideas Such As “Viral Media” And “Social Currency”And Correctly Predicted The Rise Of The Net, The DotCom Boom, And The Current Financial Crisis. Follow His Feed For Insights Into Navigating The Emerging Media Landscape

Coming Soon: This Spring TED Will Hold American Idol-Style Auditions In 14 Countries In Hopes Of Finding Undiscovered Talent. Finalist Who Make It Past The Auditions Will Have Their Videos Posted Online, Where People Can Vote For Their Favorites. More Than Half Of The Speakers At TED2013 Will Be Selected Through This Ambitious Experiment In Crowdsourcing

Try This: StuffPal Is A Facebook App That Lets Users Share Their Offline Goods With Their Online Friends. After Signing Up For The App, Users Build A Personal Library Of Any Items They’re Willing To Lend To Friends. StuffPal Helps Track Items And Stay On Top Of Who Has What And When It’s Due To Be Returned

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