Candidates Know Your Vote Before You Do – Forty Years Ago, A Republican Would Watch The Same Political Ad As Their Democratic Neighbor. Today, Two People In The Same House Could Receive Different Messages. The Technology That Makes This Possible Is Called Microtargeting, Which Is Similar To The Techniques Nonpolitical Advertisers Use To Serve Up, For Example, Hotel Ads Online To People Who Had Shopped For Vacations Recently. As A Result, Micotargeting Allows Campaigns To Put Specific Messages In Front Of Specific Voters

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Is Respun – “I Love Your Sweater.” Thanks. It Used To Be A Bicycle.” This “Used To Be A” Refrain Echoes As Upcycling’s Cachet Expands Beyond Locavores, Etsy Zealots And Conscientious Hipsters. Upcycling, The Love Child Of Recycling And Reuse, Turns Castoffs Into Something New. During Fashion Week Upcycling Was Seen At Estethica, A Sustainable Fashion Exhibit. This Display Of Reclaimed And Sustainable Clothes Included Colorful Work From Students Who Created Clothes From The Ends Of Thread Spools, Fabric Remnants And Fluff From The Bottom Of Factory Machines  

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Surprise! Here’s A Ticket To A Movie Premiere, On Best Buy –  While Most Loyalty Programs Focus On Financial Rewards Where Points Are Earned And Used, Best Buy Wants To Capture The Hearts And Minds Of Their Customers Through A Surprise And Delight Approach. These Surprises Have Taken The Form Of Movie Premieres And Exclusive Shopping Invites. The Movie Premiere Surprise (Which Happened To Be Twilight) Generated A Tremendous Response And Helped To Establish A Stronger Emotional Connection With Customers.

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Facebook 101: Is Your Brand Worth A Like? – Social Media Superstars Share How They Cracked The Code Of Creating Facebook Campaigns That Worked

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