MARCH 2012 // ISSUE 12


Millennials Just Want To Laugh  According to a new survey, comedy has replaced music, sports, and even “personal style” in helping young adults define their sense of self. Comedy is central to who they are, the way they connect with other people, and the way they get ahead in the world. One big takeaway is that unlike previous generations, humor, and not music, is their No. 1 form of self-expression.  One of the many ways this generation has separated itself from Generation X is that it has replaced irony with absurdity as their favorite form of comedy.

Via NY Mag


Consumers Rewarded For Stuff They Already Own – The concept is simple: People take pictures of all the things they have in their closet. When tagged by brand and purchase location, people are receiving rewards and deals based on their proven likes. Own enough Nike sneakers and they could potentially earn discounts or exclusives on upcoming Nike sales. RNKD, the new startup by the Zappos founder, is one of many sites that are providing rewards to people for engaging in these behaviors.

Via The Huffington Post


And The Oscar For Best Short Film Goes To…An iPad App – The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore which won an Oscar this past weekend, is not just a film but a book and an app. The book/film/app is like a well-written bedtime story and an immersive animated movie at once. The author William Joyce — who also happens to be an accomplished illustrator for the New Yorker, published animator, Emmy winner and character designer for Pixar — created the interactive book-app around the story and the animated film to allow readers to experience the book any way they like.

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Test Your Search Skills With Google Puzzles – To help people improve their search skills, Google partnered with Wired Magazine to create Google Puzzles which help users achieve mastery in their search skills. Each day at 12:01 a new puzzle will be provided as well as the answer to the previous day’s puzzle.

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Follow Me: R.L. Stine, the author of the popular Goosebumps horror series for kids, gave his Twitter followers a free story recently. The novelist decided to use Twitter to publish a mini-horror story about a haunted kitchen.

Read This: Zain Raj, a sought out leader in the marketing and strategy space, recognizes we all have brands that are part of our rituals. Some of his are: Having coffee at Starbucks, watching TV on his iTouch, starting his day with the WSJ, searching on Google and shopping every other weekend at Costco. Raj points out in Brand Rituals, that these brands have created a deeper sense of loyalty and bonding than their competitors. He provides case studies and strategies on how to make a brand central to a consumer’s ritual.

Try This: Barbie launched its new marketing campaign ‘What Happens When You Play With Barbie?’ as part of its 50-year celebration. Barbie installed the ultimate Dream Closet complete with 24-foot tall, jewel encrusted doors leading into a two-story set. The pop-up closet, launched at Fashion Week, features augmented reality technology “mirrors” that allow users to try on Barbie’s glamorous outfits.

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