MARCH 2012 // ISSUE 13


Public Education Gets Massive – Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are tools, like Udacity and Udemy, being used to democratize higher education. While the vast potential of free online courses has excited theoretical interest for decades, in the past few months hundreds of thousands of motivated students around the world who lack access to elite universities have been embracing MOOCs as a path toward sophisticated skills and high-paying jobs, without paying tuition or collecting a college degree.

Via New York Times


How To Talk To Women –  In this year’s Women’s Issue, AdWeek profiles three female consumers: The Indie Woman, Mom Achiever and Alpha Goddess. This issue also provides case studies on how brands including Chevy, Axe and TD Ameritrade are creating campaigns speaking to women as they really are instead of the traditional and stereotypical profiles of yesteryear.

Via AdWeek


Harley Davidson Taps The Tweets Of Its Riders –  Social media marketing is nothing new, but Harley’s effort is distinct not only for being conceived, developed and executed entirely by the brand’s cultish fan base, but also by using that same base to challenge the stereotype of the Harley rider. Harley’s marketers plucked the idea for the campaign from a fan named Harold Chase, a member of the brand’s Facebook based crowd sourcing platform Fan Machine. “Our fans know how to express our brand,” said Dino Bernacchi, Harley-Davidson’s director of marketing communications. ‘They live it every day.”

Via AdWeek


Why Videos Go Viral- Not all YouTube videos are made equal. If you’ve ever wondered why that is, Kevin Allocca, YouTube’s trends manager, explains viral videos have three factors to thank for their success: taste-makers, communities of participation, and unexpectedness.

Via YouTube


Know This: In a move that reflects how some news and information breaks first on Twitter, the MLA has announced a standard format that enables academics to cite Tweets as sources.

Try This App: MovieGoer is a free, social networking app that aims to make your moviegoing experience more interactive. In addition to easy access to trailers and locating nearby theaters, the app allows you to see what movies friends are going to and lets users record and share short video reviews of movies.

Watch This: Booktrack is a soundtrack for books. Watch the above explanation video which uses music, sound effects, and ambient sound to give users a more immersive reading experience. Disclaimer for commuters: Please be aware of your surroundings.

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