MARCH 2012 // ISSUE 16


Spring Break Gets Tamer As World Watches Online – In this era of “Jersey Shore” antics and “Girls Gone Wild,” where bikini tops vanish like unattended wallets, it would seem natural to assume that this generation of college students has outdone the spring break hordes of decades past. But today’s spring breakers – at least some of them – say they have been tamed, in part, not by parents or colleges, but by the hand-held gizmos they hold dearest and the fear of being betrayed by an unsavory, unsanctioned photo or video popping up on Facebook or YouTube. It seems that spring breakers have been Facebooked into greater respectability.

Via New York Times


The Sharing Economy – If you own something, there’s probably a place on the Internet that will help you share it with others. Cars, bikes, homes, parking spots, clothes, household items, you name it – peer-to-peer marketplaces for all types of goods are popping up everywhere, offering users the ability to share and borrow those items they’d rather not be burdened to purchase. The concept of accessing rather than owning is taking the technology world by storm. Enter the emergence of the sharing economy. Uniiverse, a marketplace for collaborative consumption activities of all types, released a video that illustrates a compelling story for the future of collaborative consumption.   

Watch It Here


Skillshare Launches “Brand” Schools  –  Skillshare, the peer-to-peer learning marketplace that allows anyone to teach anything, has launched branded hubs for organizations called ‘schools’. These Skillshare Schools will allow anyone to learn from experts, the brand’s employees, behind some of the world’s most iconic brands and the most influential small businesses. The first brand to come on board is GE with a mission to reignite a pride and interest in manufacturing by inviting people to “get their hands dirty”. Ogilvy, the advertising agency, is the second in line to come onboard to provided classes on digital marketing.  Skillshare has also created its own school that teaches people how to launch and grow a startup from the ground up.



10 Ideas That Are Changing Your Life – Change happens incrementally, yet in our modern era things are changing faster than ever. TIME looks at 10 big ideas that will shape our lives, beginning with Eric Klinenberg’s fascinating research on the rise of solitary living. TIME Ideas also looks at how outsourcing our memory to Google is actually changing our cognitive habits. What else is in our future? Food that lasts forever, the end of nature, black irony and a new religion of no religion.



Know This: Google Play is an entirely cloud-based digital content service from Google. Music, movies, books and apps are stored online and purchased content is available across web, mobile and TV platforms. With seamless synchronization between devices, entertainment discovery and sharing become even easier.

Read This: In The Power Of Habit, award-winning New York Times business reporter Charles Duhigg explains why habits exist and how they can be changed. Duhligg offers a new understanding of human nature and its potential for change. If we understand habits and how to alter them, then we can potentially transform businesses, communities and our own lives.

Try This App: Zynga recently spent $180 million to purchase Omgpop and its hit gaming app Draw Something. Offering a twist on Pictionary, Draw Something involves making quick sketches that illustrate words for a friend to guess. Try this app and see why 35 million others have joined this doodling craze.

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