JUNE 2012 // ISSUE 26


State Of The AppNation – Nielsen, for the second year in a row, summarized the state of smartphones in the US for the AppNation Conference. According to Nielsen, it’s the year of the app once again, driven mostly by the rise of Android and iPhone users. These two brands have doubled users in a year, with those users accounting for almost 90% of those who’ve downloaded an app in the past month. The average number of apps per smartphone has jumped from 32 to 41 in just a year. As the 2012 smartphone owner downloads more apps, they are increasingly spending more time using them vs.using the mobile web. As we noted in our first CultureFlash issue – Surfing Is Dead. Long Live Apps.

Via Nielsen.com


Amanda’s Million –

Last week Amanda Palmer became the first musician to raise more than a million dollars on Kickstarter. While pre-orders for her album made up most of the project’s activity, more than $300,000 was pledged for rewards offering experiences rather than things. Palmer offered a variety of experiences from playing a show at a pledge’s house to joining her for dinner to having their portrait painted by Palmer.

Whereas traditional marketplaces seem to restrict fans to being consumers, the success of Amanda’s project came from inviting people to be part of her process.

Via Kickstarter.com



Headphones With Swagger – When Beats by Dr. Dre debuted in 2008, the size of the $100-plus headphone market was a faint $92 million. Four years later, the good doctor’s “b”-emblazoned earpieces have achieved near ubiquity and the $100-plus segment has been cranked up to $512 million. Beats have revolutionized the high-end market. They’ve redefined the lowly headphone, made sound quality important to the average listener and changed the notion of how much people were willing to pay for a pair. Beats have made headphones fashionable and, ironically, larger in a culture championing devices getting smaller.

Via The Washington Post



5 Ways to Smarter Ideas By Atari Founder – Atari founder and serial innovator Nolan Bushnell imparted some wisdom at Mindshare’s event that explored the future. Considering his tech-crazed audience and that Bushnell is arguably the prototype for the modern tech entrepreneur, his advice for the technorati was surprisingly and refreshingly analog:
1) Be Uncomfortable – Learn something new as you’re always challenged to have a beginner’s mind.

2) Look For Beauty – You’ll be surprised how differently one can perceive and experience places and things they’ve seen a million times if consciously looking for beauty.

3) Move Your Body – Exercise is Miracle-Gro for the brain.

4) Go (The F***) To Sleep – Brains can handle more items when asleep than awake. Think about a problem before you sleep and chances are it can be solved by the next morning.

5) Trust Your ideas – Innovation is hard because most people don’t get it. If people tell you your idea is crazy, stick with it.

Via FastCompany


Know This: The New York Times published a list of 32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow.  Check out this list and see which innovations could soon be making their way into your daily routine, from underwear that reminds you to hit the gym to computer screens that alert you to over-slouching.

Watch This: In a move against the pervading sexism in Hollywood, YouTube announced a new channel called Wigs that will feature short scripted dramas about strong female characters. Stars like Jennifer Garner, Julia Stiles, America Ferrera and Dakota Fanning have already announced their involvement in Wigs to work towards increasing the number of strong female roles on screen.

Learn This:

We at CultureFlash often encounter new buzz words and lexicons that are entertaining and telling of current behavior in culture. In this new section we’d like to share some of those fun finds.

oversharenting – (verb) the parental act of sharing too many personal photos and information regarding one’s children on Facebook or other social media



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