JANUARY 2013 // ISSUE 52


A Plurality (Not Minority) Nation –

The term “minority,” at least as used to describe racial and ethnic groups in the United States, may need to be retired or rethought soon: by the end of this decade, according to Census Bureau projections no single racial or ethnic group will constitute a majority of children under 18. In about three decades, no single group will constitute a majority of the country as a whole. The next half century marks key points in continuing trends – the U.S. will become a plurality nation, where the non-Hispanic white population remains the largest single group, but no group is in the majority. As the United States grows more diverse it is becoming a plurality nation.


Via New York Times



Sellers Compete For Consumers – As the old saying goes, there is strength in numbers. It has never been easier to rally a group of consumers around an interest, especially one that scores them a deal. Henry Zilberman thought the idea of consumers having to compete with other consumers online for the items they want (à la eBay), was backwards. That’s why he created Yumani, an online marketplace where sellers compete for a consumer’s business. The real kicker, the more consumers join together and request a product, the bigger the discount they receive. In a letter to users, Henry Zilberman explains his reasoning behind the creation of Yumani: “I’ve navigated the jungles of Amazon, and swam in the waters of eBay, but they seem counter to the way the web should work. With online auctions, am I supposed to compete with other buyers to drive up the price of an item? Why shouldn’t sellers compete for my business? With Yumani, sellers win and buyers win.”

Via Mashable


MINI’s Psychic Campaign  – MINI’s new Roadster wanted to show potential car buyers that their most exciting adventures were ahead of them. So it took a sneak peek at their data to tell their future.  The MINI Roadster “Psychic” campaign offered web users personalized readings about adventures to come by using viewers IP addresses to provide accurate information. Through aspects such as a weather API and the etymology around their name, the campaign delivered a humorous and engaging experience that culminated in having their future predicted.


Via Digital Buzz Blog



Your Social Media Handle Can Now Be Your Physical Address – SoPost lets users sign a physical address to their social handles; this means attaching anything from an email address or Twitter Handle to a physical location. Given the mobility of people these days, the idea for this start up is to create a world where mail is re-routed to wherever users happen to be. SoPost is particularly helpful for those who move around and relocate regularly. An address, SoPost believes, should be where someone is, or where they want things to be sent, rather than the last postcode somebody has for them. The way it works is that when users sign in, they are assigned a physical address to the social ID. Instead of having to change addresses through the postal service and then alert contacts, the address is saved and changed behind the social handle. All anyone needs to know is the social handle and they’ll never know your address has really changed.


Via Sopost.com



Follow Me:  @gretchenrubin – Gretchen Rubin is the author of the #1 New York Times BestsellerThe Happiness Project. If you’re looking for inspiration for the new year, check out Rubin’s Twitter feed which offers a stream of optimism and tips for becoming a happier version of yourself.

Try This App: Snapchat is a photosharing app currently enjoying an explosive rise in popularity, especially among high school and college students. The idea is to snap a photo or silly video and send it to your friends with the knowledge that the content will l self-destruct 10-seconds after being viewed. While a number of teens have taken up Snapchat as their sexting app of choice, CEO Evan Spiegel says the app was intended to send goofy, lighthearted messages.

Try This App: SupperKing is an app that taps into the growing marketplace for peer-to-peer services by facilitating meet-ups between amateur chefs who want to host a dinner and people looking for a home-cooked meal. Hosts can customize their events (including attire and price) and guests can RSVP and pay via the SupperKing app.


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