America’s 20 Most Innovative Cities – Despite recent difficulties and a slowing economy, the United States is still considered a leader in ingenuity especially when it comes to inventions, products and new technologies. The U.S. is home to Silicon Valley, most of the world’s health care inventions, and the largest share of the world’s patents. According to a new report from The Brookings Institution, patenting is at its highest level since the Industrial Revolution. Insight gleaned from the study shows that 63% percent of patents come from just 20 areas. Leading the pack at #1 is the area surrounding San Jose, CA which is home to Google and elite research universities like Stanford. Also in the top 5 is Rochester, Minnesota which has the Mayo Clinic and a large presence from IBM. View a slideshow of all 20 cities here.

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Using Creativity To Boost Your Resume – The job market has definitely become more competitive. Economic growth remains slow and the unemployment rate crept up to 7.9% in January. Being qualified is no longer enough and prospective employees are increasingly looking ways to stand out from the crowd. Creativity is becoming a valuable asset even for managerial roles that aren’t traditionally considered “creative.” Philippe Dubost, a Paris-based Web product manager, put together a detailed C.V. that is a near-perfect ringer for an Amazon.com product page, with himself as the product. His past customer reviews average five stars, but there are a surprising number of one-star ratings, which Dubost explained via Twitter were “were due to “lots of ex-girlfriends.” This unique, eye-catching resume has gone viral and Dubosts has received many work related opportunities.

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Lego Gains Lifetime Customer With Touching Customer Service – Seven-year-old Luka Apps used all his Christmas money to buy the LEGO Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider set. Against the warnings of his father, Luka took one of his figurines on a shopping trip and accidentally lost it. Shortly after emailing the folks at LEGO asking for a replacement, Luka received a reply from a customer service representative who wrote that he had spoken to Sensei Wu, an important character from the Ninjago line. Sensei Wu wanted Luka to have a replacement for his lost toy, and he also acknowledged that Luka must be a big fan of Ninjago to have spent all his Christmas money – so he also sent along an additional bad guy for Luka’s new toy to fight. At the end of the reply Sensei Wu reminds Luka to “keep your mini figures protected like the Weapons of Spinjitzu! And of course, always listen to your Dad.” The touching correspondence made its way into social media and generated tons of publicity for LEGO, scoring tons of brand evangelists and at least one lifelong customer.

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Lady Gaga Reimagines The Tailgate Pre-Game – Lady Gaga loves her Little Monsters, the name her fans have taken to calling themselves. Wanting to help support the fans that have been there for her, Lady Gaga is offering a Born Brave pre-show before every concert on her Born This Way Ball tour. At the Born Brave Bus concertgoers will have access to professional private or group chats about mental health, depression, bullying, school, and friends. There will also be food, games, and DJs to keep the experience fun. It’s designed as an inclusive tailgating experience for fans to unite and seek help. Lady Gaga founded the anti-bullying Born This Way Foundation in 2011, and this year’s Born Brave Bus falls in line with the foundation’s mission of fostering a more accepting society by attempting to lessen the stigma of seeking mental health treatment.


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One internet year, one illustration, 20 things: can you spot them all? Now in its third year, 20things recounts a whole year of online culture within one epic image. This year’s image was illustrated by Sebastien Feraut. The goal is to identify all 20 memes. The Syzygy Group has been releasing clues via Twitter at @syzygyuk. Tweet the picture with the hashtag #20things and you could win a signed limited edition print.

Watch This: Google recently took their Street View technology to the Grand Canyon and the resulting panoramic imagery means that people can now use Google Maps to tour one of the world’s most spectacular national monuments. The gallery of interactive images 360-degree views of more than 75 miles of the Grand Canyon’s trails and scenic overlooks.

Try This App: Currently the most downloaded app in over 40 countries, LINE is a messaging service that allows users to make free voice calls or messages to anyone, anywhere. The service is completely free, but a Sticker Shop offers items for sale such as stamps and graphics that allow users to decorate photos or animate their messages. Celebrities such as Kreayshawn, Snoop Lion, and T-Pain are active on LINE and are using it as a new way to reach fans.

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